Java Summer Camp 2019: 99 Foreign Students Get to Know Sleman Culture

15 October 2019, oleh: superadmin

Tourism Office of Sleman Regency held Java Summer Camp for the 8th times. This event was held for three days, starting from 11 – 13 October 2019.

Two hundred fifty participants took part in the Java Summer Camp 2019, consisting of 42 countries. These countries are Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, England, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mali, Gambia, Ghana , Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, China and Vietnam.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) sent as many as 26 international students from China, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The theme raised at the 2019 Java Summer Camp is Cultural Immersion. This theme was chosen to represent the fusion of heterogeneous participants’ differences. It hoped that the participants would be able to get to know the geographical and cultural conditions of Sleman Regency both in East Sleman and North Sleman.

Reporting from Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), Head of the Development of Tourism Destinations and the Creative Economy of the Sleman Tourism Office, Aris Herbandang pointed out that the Java Summer Camp aimed to introduce the potential of tourism and cultural destinations in Sleman.

“Java Summer Camp is a media for recruiting information agents as well as a promotion about Sleman,” said Aris Herbandang on the sidelines of the opening of the Java Summer Camp, in Banyunibo Temple, Prambanan, Sleman, Friday (11/10/19).

He said the participants of the Java Summer Camp 2019 would introduce to the geographical conditions of the eastern part of Sleman that contained many historical relics such as temples. The activities held at the place, include Shiva Plateau History workshops (history of the existence of temples), Jemparingan Mataraman, and watching Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan Temple.

“The next day, we continued our visit to the dome’s house, Kedulan Temple, Mount Merapi Museum, and also watched the process of making Tempe Tempe at the Kaliurang Tempe Center,” he continued.

On the second day, the participants stayed at Kelor Tourism Village, Bangunkerto, Turi. The participants were expected to get to know the Sleman area, which was on the slopes of Merapi. In Kelor tourism village, participants would spend the night in tents with Campfire and Art Performances.

Further, it continued with a workshop on batik, dancing, and making Jaranan from bark leaves. As the closing ceremony, the participants and the committee joint Jatilan dance reaching 275 dancers. (hnl)