UMY Held Induction Program to Help 23 International Students Adapt

23 April 2019, oleh: superadmin

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held the Induction Program which designed for 23 international students to have them settle into university life, given the opportunity to explore the culture of Indonesia and make new friends from other countries. This program was held for international students studying in UMY at Dolandeso, Kulon Progo, D.I. Yogyakarta on Saturday

AMINEF FULLBRIGHT Grants for Indonesian Lecturers – PhD

5 November 2018, oleh: superadmin

This grant is for three years study at a US University to pursue a doctoral degree in any fields of study except medical sciences. It is opens to applicants who serve as permanent faculty members of state or private universities in Indonesia.In certain cases, grantees can request an exceptional fourth year if a substantial argument