November 3 2017, by Scha


In order to improve academic quality, lecturer and staffs quality, campus governance in terms of financial management and administration, University Nommensen (UHN) conduct a comparative study with Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). This time, they are represented by Drs. Charles Sianturi, MSBA , Lesson Sihotang, SH.,MH.,  and Indra Perdana  Sitohang .  All guests are welcomed by Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P., rector of UMY, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eko Priyo Purnomo , General Director of Cooperation and International Affairs, and several head of department.

The visit of University HKBP Nommensen to UMY was not for the first time but this is their second visit. According to rector 2, Drs. Charles Sianturi, MSBA stated “we had previously visited 5 universities to find out the good prospects study and after discussing with our team. Finally we agreed to choose UMY as an example university for us.” Our presence here is to dig up as much information as possible and adding vision and knowledge to be applied in future. We also want to the learn progress of lecturer and staffs performance system and how the process is run as well items so that we can apply in our university later.”

UMY University Secretary, Ir. Nafi Ananda Utama, MS on the occasion explained about the campus management system at UMY which are all based on Information technology (IT). Even also for the management of human resources that have also been summarized in a system with IT base. According to him, IT has become an important thing in campus management, because without IT management campus and human resources in UMY will not be able to run optimally.

” IT is important and must exist, but the IT system that has been so cannot be directly applied, because it needs to process also for the implementation. However, with the system that has been based IT in UMY, all reports on campus we can do online . Even for the number of employees and the level of education is also listed in the system. In addition, we also have an assessment of the academic performance of a lecturer assessed by the students through a questionnaire. So we can know how the performance of each UMY lecturer is from the eyes of the students, so that from this information system we can see and map the lecturer’s performance, “he explained.

The same thing was also conveyed by Vice Rector of UMY for Human Resources, Dr. Nano Prawoto, SE, M.Sc. According to him, the campus management system owned by UMY will continue to be developed. In addition, in the near future UMY will again launch a new system of reminder system for lecturers. The system will later explain the status of employment and lecturer education. If the lecturer has not undertaken further studies, or has not conducted research within a certain period of time, then the system will be in the lecturer’s self data will give a warning to the lecturer concerned.

After the discussion, the group was invited to campus tour. The event ended with a souvenir exchange and a lunch meal.