Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), represented by dr. Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, M.Sc. as Head of Administrative Cooperation, as Head of Administrative Cooperation, participate in the AUN-QA International Conference 2019 held by De La Salle University, in collaboration with ASEAN University Network (AUN) – Quality Assurance International Conference 2019 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila, the Phillipines on 4 – 5 March 2019.

AUN is a university networking organization in ASEAN that has the main goal of supporting and facilitating cooperation in the field of education among ASEAN countries. UMY is working to be a pioneer through participating member in AUN-QA. Currently filing has entered the verification team, and UMY is in the making for the legalization as a member.

AUN Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) is one of the activities carried out by AUN which is intended to perform quality assurance of study programs that are members of AUN. This form of quality grouping from AUN that helps complete appropriate, structured, and sustainable implementation of member universities. AUN QA is an assessment body, and not an accreditation. Accreditation itself is part of the QA. Assessment is carried out independently (self-assessment) by conducting SAR (Self-Assessment Report). This process is taken with the confirmation of the completeness of the document and specify the action for the increase in SAR results. After that, a visitation process will be carried out by the reviewer team from AUN who is received from other ASEAN countries to provide input on the self-assessment that has been done.