Rector Gunawan delivered his materials

The one of Upgrading events’ series in PCIM (the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah) Taiwan is the session with Dr. Gunawan Budiyanto, Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). In this occasion, he explained that Muhammadiyah’s leadership strategy was a progressive leadership style emphasizing poverty alleviation.

“The interpretation of Sural Al-Ma’un in Muhammadiyah approach is not merely interpreted in the economic sector, but means poverty in terms of literacy. Poverty towards hoax information and news is a new interpretation that needs to be understood by the method of leadership of the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah Taiwan” delivered Gunawan.

The cadre of PCIM and participants in Upgrading session

In line with that, Gunawan also explained the four pillars of the Muhammadiyah movement after the Makassar Conference. The pillar of education; health; law; and economics. So that many people and experts are amazed by the Muhammadiyah movement due to its uniqueness.

In another perspective, Gunawan also explained how Muhammadiyah’s politics is politics to achieve noble goals and purposes. He also asserted: “Politics should not only be interpreted as a struggle for power”.

Muhammadiyah as a bottom-up institution will be the ideal of the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia even in the world. The strength of the charitable assets of a business fund becomes the great power of Muhammadiyah as a “silent movement” to preach and take care of community/ummah.

“That is why, the theory of modern organizations has now been revised with the real work of Muhammadiyah,” explained Gunawan.

On this session, Gunawan also offered the idea of ​​changing the missionary of Muhammadiyah in the 4.0 digital era. The current disruption of the social order requires Muhammadiyah to reconstruct the dakwah map.

“The rapid development of technology has resulted in a sense of sympathy and social empathy that has been disrupted by social media,” explained Gunawan.

By this agenda, Muhammadiyah branch Taiwan succeeded in bringing together two grandchildren from the major Islamic movement in Indonesia. Gunawan Budiyanto, Rector of UMY also the grandson of the important figure, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo was met by Buya Hamka’s grandson, Ahmad Syauqy, he also the Chairman of the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah in Taiwan.

The grandson’s grand reunion of Indonesian Islamic leaders is part of the upgrading of PCIM and PCIA Taiwan, which also attended by the General Chairwoman of ‘Aisyiyah, Siti Noordjanah Djohantini, Chairman of the Majelis Tarjih and Tajdid PP Muhammadiyah Syamsul Anwar.