IPIEF UMY visit PCIM Malaysia

September 2, 2017 by : Admin

September 2 2017, by Scha

2nd  Sept – In line with the spirit of  Young and Global , UMY effectively renowned  for the development of well-balanced students. Therefore, recently in 19 August 2017, students from  International Program for Islamic Economics & Finance (IPIEF) UMY has visited  Branch Officers Specialties (PCIM)   Islamic International  University  Malaysia (IIUM)  aims to encourage to learn the culture and conditions of other countries.  .

To strive to attain excellent academic global  standards, Malaysia is chosen because it is seen to have a stimulating potential in the process of learning culture and language. This is recognized by one of the joined  lecturer  Dimas Bagus Wiranata Kusuma said,  “we chose PCIM Malaysia for IPIEF  Kuliah kerja Lapangan (KKL) because among ASEAN countries Malaysia’s role and position appears to be the strongest as the fulcrum of the Muhammadiyah Internationalization program”. During the visit, IPIEF delegates were received by Dr. Sonny Zulhuda as Chairman of PCIM Malaysia. In his speech, Dr. Sonny who is also a lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), according to Dima emphasized some important points on IPIEF UMY students.

“First, from the historical aspect of the establishment of Muhammadiyah in Malaysia. He explained that Muhammadiyah was officially established in Malaysia in 2007. The second point, he reviewed the establishment of University Consortium Muhammadiyah Malaysia in Johor. And the third point, he gave advice on the spirit of sacrifice and struggle, especially for students in the Muhammadiyah environment, “added Dimas again

On the same occasion, IPIEF UMY students also had the opportunity to present their study on Sharia Banking Development in Indonesia in  Islamic Economic Forum for Indonesian Development Forum (ISEFID).