The department ranks top three out of 60 Governmental Studies Departments throughout Indonesia based on the accreditation result from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education. This program of study has earned the “A” accreditation since 2004.

The vision of Governmental Studies Department UMY is to become the center of excellence as well as the center of the political sciences development and public management through qualified education, research, and community service and armed with the faith values and obedience to Allah SWT.

The vision is achieved through missions of the department:

provide necessary knowledge and skills for students through teaching learning process in the specialization of political sciences and public management,
conduct research activities in the field of politics and public management relevant to the community need,
serve the community in the form of mutual cooperation.

The Governmental Studies Department UMY develops 2 specializations, i.e. political sciences and public management. The political sciences specialization directs the students to deepen the theories and practices in conducting the government politics both nationally and locally, the dynamics of the party system and other political powers as well as political dynamics in conducting the government and local autonomy. Meanwhile, the public management specialization directs the students to deepen the management aspects in conducting government and public organization viewed from both the process of policy making, human resource management and financial management, and so on.



The increasing competition among university graduates in the recent two decades as a consequence of globalization demands more qualified and capable graduates who have superiority in their core competence to compete with their competitor from domestic and abroad universities. In addition, the increasing number of international relations held by the Indonesian government needs the increasing number of capable and qualified bureaucrats who graduate from Governmental Study Program in order to conduct and maintain international affairs. Moreover, recently there are many opportunities from international non-governmental organizations that look for Governmental Study Program graduates who have good academic record and mastery in foreign languages, especially English.

For those reasons, the international class of governmental studies (IGOV) is the best choice for those who look for an international standard of education. This international class would be based on international curriculum and delivered in English in order to develop intellectual capacity, core competency, skills and professionalism for its graduates. Finally, it would provide special qualities for its graduates in facing competition in the future.

In addition, the increasing number of international cooperation handled by the Indonesian government, in the central and local level, demands graduates who have superior capabilities. A program that is suitable to deal with the call for international standard graduates and globalization needs is a course program that applies curriculum based competency and international language usage. Therefore, IGOV is the right course option to answer this demand. International Class of Governmental Study (IGOV) is a special course to create bureaucrats and politicians who have a global thinking. This study program will give the students the skills and knowledge in government and politics, and soft skill, supportive competencies in government and politics areas.


In cooperation with Universiti Sains Malaysia and Thammasat University Thailand, the international class of governmental studies program offers its international students an opportunity to take courses for several months or a semester in those universities.

Moreover, the students can transfer the course credits from their university for similar course subjects of the partner universities. Hence the students can cut their study period and fees.

Also, the international student can meet foreign lecturers from notable university by sitting in the visiting professor class. Currently, IGOV has invited visiting professors from National University of Singapore, Flinders University Australia, Doshisa University of Japan, Korea University and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

In the future, the international class of Governmental Studies program would establish double degree with those notable universities.


Tuition Fee (4 years)

IDR 68.870.000 *

*Total tuition fee is for 4 (four) years of study

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