UMY – Central University of Kashmir

Weekend’s visitation. Central University of Kashmir (CUK) visited Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Saturday, 8th December 2018. In this event, the CUK was warmly addressed by Rector Gunawan Budiyanto, Vice Rector Achmad Nurmandi and Director Yordan Gunawan who welcomed its representatives (Vice-Chancellor of CUK, Prof. Mehraj Ud Din Mir and Prof. Ghulam Nabi War) at AR Fachruddin A Building, Rector’s Meeting room.

The CKU is categorized as a new University in Kashmir, India, yet the spirit to have wide international relations and cooperation is seen by how attractive the Vice Chancellor delivered what actually they wanted to visit UMY. By introducing their detail of faculties, both ongoing and coming up events at their university. On the other hand, they are also willing to have collaboration with UMY in every single aspect.

To response that good intention, Rector Gunawan and Vice Rector Nurmandi were agreed to have further communication and hopefully will be started the cooperation by signing the MoU. In addition, Prof. Ghulam Nabi War, as the President of Private School Association of Kashmir, India were really aware with geographical conditions, both in Kashmir and Yogyakarta. Vice Chancellor Mehraj and Mr. Ghulam offered to make a small step to conduct short-term program concern on cultural.

“The small beginning will open the other doors”, said Vice Rector Achmad. And to complete the discussion, Director Yordan also introduce the scholarship program as well as visiting fellow to cordially invite the students and lecturers or professor to have an opportunity doing research and exchange mobility at UMY.