Going Aboard


The Visiting Fellow for Postdoctoral in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)  are intended for outstanding active researchers from around the world, to work on an important piece of research in the social sciences and humanities. The programme supports promising early-career researchers from diverse disciplines, who have demonstrated success in conducting high-quality research and are seeking to further develop and broaden their expertise. Interdisciplinary interests are encouraged. Up to one-half months for maximum fellowship period may be spent conducting fieldwork in the Asian or Europe region.

A majority of the  Visiting Fellow postdocs will join the family of researchers in the specific areas like Environment and disaster, Continuing Technology, Conflict and Peace, Syariah Law and Economic, Health and Public Management. The other Visiting Fellow postdocs with outstanding projects in any area outside of those listed above may apply to join the Open cluster.

Visiting Fellows scheme enables academics, researchers, and practitioners to spend a period of time conducting research in the UMY. Prospective applicants should note that UMY only accepts applicants who can demonstrate an established research record, who can present a clear case for being based specifically in the study program, who can make a compelling case regarding how their presence and work will complement our research environment and enhance the Study Program research profile, who are able to provide a clear explanation for the proposed duration and timing of their visit, and who have properly worked-out, realizable research objectives to be pursued during their time here.


    A. Required Output
  1. Conducted lectures for three times.
  2. Research draft making between guest professor with the lecture of each related
    department (Submitted at indexed journal with minimum Q3 Scopus index).
    B. Additional Output
  1. Conducted public lecture for 1 time.
  2. Draft proposal making.

Schedule and Duration




Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

1 Proposal submission

1-10 Oktober


1-10 February


1-10 June 2019

2 Proposal selection

1-10 November


1-10 March


1-10 July 2019

3 Announcement

20 November


20 March


20 July 2019

4 Signing a contract

30 November


30 March


30 July 2019

5 Implementation activities




6 Report Submission

1-10 January


1-10 May 2019

1-10 September 2019

Fellowships will normally run for one and a half months


The program will cover up to $ 10000 , which includes:

  1. Flight Ticket (Economy class ticket at cost)
  2. Salary (maximum 40%from given grant)
  3. Accommodation (maximum 30% from given grant)
  4. Health Insurance (During stay in UMY it will provided by department with maximum 5% from given grant)
  5. Hospitality (city tour/welcoming dinner/farewell dinner,it will provided by department with maximum 10% from given grant)

Program Mechanism

Applicants will be of post-doctoral status or equivalent. The scheme is not open to Ph.D. students. The requirements of Visiting Fellow Program;

  1. Visiting Fellow program proposed by the head of department and approval by the faculty (Dean) to the Vice Rector V.
  2. Each program departments are required to propose 1 proposal.
  3. Program departments are able to propose with another program department which following budgeting scheme above.
  4. Equivalent professional experience must be accordance with the academic of the department program.
  5. Hold a Doctoral Degree of visiting fellow.
  6. The guest lecture must be one of lecture/staff in TOP 500 Universities based on QS Star versions. Where those who are not included are able to propose and will considerable by UMY based on the cooperation and collaboration with the partner university.
  7. Applicants must complete the program form of Visiting Fellow which attached to request the letter of visiting fellow to the Rector.
  8. The proposal will be selected based on the principle of the applicant (first to file), following administrative completeness and technical readiness in the form.
  9. Selected program departments are required to make a report such as:
    • Planning activities and schedule;
    • Schedule for public lecture (minimum 1 time);
    • The arrangements of lecture-discussion for research plan/Journal/research proposal (at least two times a week).
  10. Report activities;
  11. Monitoring and evaluation report in the half and the end of the program;
  12. Budgeting report;
  13. Course outlines (SAR/RPS) and course for the guest lecturer;
  14. For more information about those report above, you can download the Visiting Fellow Guidance. 

UMY'S Partner

We encourage Visiting Fellows to participate fully in the research life of the StudyProgram in UMY, for example through attending staff and Ph.D. research seminars, seminars run by the different research groups and research projects and other events related to their research. We also encourage Visiting Fellows to give a seminar paper on their research whilst they are visiting the Study Program.

Status at UMY

The title of Visiting Fellow is given to individuals from outside the UMY associated with study program, institutes, and centres. Visiting Fellows will also be able to enjoy access to the facilities of UMY as a whole, for example, every UMY Library.

Application materials

Your application should include the following documents:

  1. Full fill The Application Form.(All members of The Tim should fill this document and compile it in one file)
  2. Proposal of your program. (template of the proposal)
  3. Full fill The Mobility Agreement.
  4. Full fill The Letter of Submission/ Surat Pengajuan Visiting Fellow. (Filled by UMY’s staff)
  5. Full fill The Commitment & Liability Letter/ Surat Pernyataan Komitmen dan Tanggung Jawab. (Filled by UMY’s staff)

Those Documents must be submitted to Visiting Fellow Form that can be accessed by click this site: UMY’s Staff | Foreign Staff.

You will be advised, in writing, of the application proposal within six weeks of each round. We regret that we are not able to accept resubmissions of proposals that have previously not been approved by the study program.


Please do not include any supplementary information.

You are asked to arrange for two references in support of your application which must be on headed paper. References should be sent via email by your referee to bkln@umy.ac.id and study program website and must arrive at the relevant timing of your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that the references reach us in good time.

You should ask each of your referees to address the following matters in their reference:

Your suitability to undertake a fellowship in the specific study program at UMY, in the light of your particular interests and experience

The likely benefits to you, and to your future career, of undertaking such a fellowship

The likely benefits of the Study Program

The capacity in which they know you


Head of Study Program in UMY will make any arrangements for living accommodation for visitors in Professor Guest House.

End of visit report

During and at the end of the fellowship, Visiting Fellows have obligation to :

  1. Have collaboration with UMY lecturer to make research project and must be published in at least one Science Citation Index journal and or SCOPUS journal (Q1-Q3).
  2. Both members of faculty must be listed in authors of this published article; and the Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI must be the first author or corresponding author of published article.
  3. Submit a brief written report summarising their contribution to UMY.  The report should be sent to bkln@umy.ac.id and program study website.

Additional Budget

For the participant who wants to propose the additional budget for their Visiting Fellow Program, which is in progress. Your application should include the following documents:

  1. Previous Contractual Agreement;
  2. Previous Proposal;
  3. Latest Proposal;
  4. Full fill The Mobility Agreement;
  5. Full fill The Letter of Additional Budget for Visiting Fellow/ Surat Pengajuan Penambahan Dana Visiting Fellow; and
  6. Full fill The Letter of Commitment/ Surat Pernyataan Komitmen dan Tanggung Jawab.

Please kindly submit those document below into this FORM.

For More Information

For more information, please contact us on this footer of this website or download the Visiting Fellow’s Guide Book.