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Joint Degrees

Flinders University, Australia

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The International Program of International Relations (IPIREL) has established a double degree/joint degree program with International Studies Program of Flinders University, Australia. This program enables the international class students to take some subjects at Flinders University and as a result, they will receive two certificates: Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) from Flinders University and Sarjana Ilmu Politik (Bachelor of Political Science) from UMY.

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Northern Arizona University (NAU)


On the basis of the 2 + 2 model, UMY undergraduate students will complete the first two years of course work at UMY and then enroll at NAU for the last two years or until the requirements for the program of study have been completed. Upon successful completion of all requirements, a student will be awarded a bachelor’s degree from UMY. NAU will bill UMY students for tuition, housing costs and other fees incurred in a given semester, also health insurance. This joint degree program is available for any student of any major in UMY.

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