Going Aboard

UMY Student

The Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta provides an opportunity for all students to join Student Exchange Program with UMYs’ partners. Students can join this program either for one semester (6 months), two semesters (12 months) or double degree program. This program has a lot of benefits.

By Participating in this program, the student can enrich the academic experience with many students and professors all over the world. Students will have various skills such as global insight, familiar with the second language -English and other languages-, as well as familiar with the culture and social life in many other countries in order to become an inclusive and multicultural society, can appreciate the diversity.

UMY provides equal opportunities for every student who has the interest to join the Student Exchange program.

Here is the list of our student exchange programs :

For UMY students, please take a look the following programs that have been established with the university partners: