Morning Chit Chat: International Office of UMY and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

1 December 2020, oleh: superadmin

“Pandemic will not hinder the friendship between the two campuses,” that was the sentence uttered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad while giving a speech at the Morning Chit Chat: International Office of UMY and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Saturday (28/11/2020), which was conducted virtually. Latiff Ahmad also said that his campus had made this initiative for the first time and invited UMY as a partner campus to share and strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

Besides being attended by 11 staff from UKM and 12 UMY staff who discussed internationalization activities in each campus, this event also involved 32 students from both universities, which were divided into several rooms, and each room had different topics. Among others: Room 1 with the subject “How far do you know your country?”. Room 2 with the issue: How do you experience of Covid-19?, Room 3 with the topic: How far did you know about your culture ?, as well as a subject about What experience gains from your engaging international students? In-Room 4.

One of the student representatives who attended the event, Dyah Tantri Widya Astuti, a student of the International Relations Study Program, FISIPOL UMY, admitted that he was pleased to participate in this program and felt familiar during discussions with UKM students.

Also, Naser Ali, who is a UMY student from Libya, admitted that he was delighted with the involvement of foreign students in UMY activities, and also Eisa Ruhullah, from Bangladesh who said that this program gave an understanding of inter-cultural understanding, he revealed with the sentence “the borders are closed, but our boundaries are not limited! ”

As the Head of the UMY International Affairs Office, Yordan Gunawan said that this event was inspiring because collaboration between campuses should have started with meeting things with informal and relaxed activities. “Students are thrilled. I heard that they exchange stories and thoughts casually about their experiences with no boundaries between countries in each room, added Yordan.

The event, which lasted for approximately two hours, resulted in a joint commitment between the two parties to enhance cooperation, especially regarding sending staff and students from both sides of the campus.