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Immigration Regulations

Types of Visas

Visit Visa

a. Visit Visa on Arrival (VoA)
The international student can apply for a visa on arrival in Indonesia once the nationality included on visa on arrival countries list. Visit Visa on Arrival is valid for a 30-day stay in Indonesia. The visa can be extended in local Immigration Office for 1 (one) time to have another 30-days stay.

Validity time: 30 days

The requirements for Visa on Arrival are:

    1. A validated Passport for minimum 6 (six) months as counted from the date entry into Indonesian region
    2. Round trip tickets
    3. At least 1 (one) passport blank page.

b. Visit Visa by Applying in Indonesian Embassy/Consulate (Socio-Cultural VISA/VKSB)
The international student can apply for Visit Visa in Indonesian Embassy or Consulates in your country, or the guarantor (IRO UMY) could apply to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia. Using this visa, the visa holder can stay in Indonesia for up to 6 months maximum. The visa can be extended in the Immigration Office for 4 (four) times. Each extension will be given another 30-days stay.

Validity time: 60 days

The requirements for VKSB are:

  1. A validated Passport for minimum 6 (six) months as counted from the date entry into Indonesian region
  2. Round Trip tickets
  3. At least 1 (one) passport blank page
  4. Sponsor Letter (provided by IRO UMY).

Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)

This type of visa is appropriate for international students coming to Indonesia for a more extended period of staying time. VITAS will be converted to Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) once you arrive in Indonesia. You are suggested to apply for VITAS to come to UMY the purpose of student exchange program, degree program (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate program), and other programs that require a long period of stay in Indonesia (it is available for 1 year or 2 years length of stay).

 In general, the entry requirement for VITAS are:

  1. Copy of Passport
  2. Application
  3. Sponsor Letter (provided by IRO UMY)
  4. Letter of Recommendation (issued by relevant institution*, assisted by IRO UMY)
  5. Visa Authorization/Telex Visa (issued by Immigration Office, assisted by IRO UMY)

*For study purpose, the recommendation is issued by Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia”.
Validity time: 1 (one) or 2 (two) years as the chosen time.

ITAS is an electronic identity card for limited stay in Indonesia. If you come to Indonesia with VITAS, IRO UMY will assist you to convert your VITAS to ITAS.

The required documents for ITAS are:

  1. Filling up the immigration forms (provided by IRO UMY)
  2. Sponsor Letter signed by Head of IRO UMY (provided by IRO UMY)
  3. Passport and the copy of relevant passport pages
  4. Copy of visa/VITAS
  5. Copy of Study Permit
  6. Copy of Visa Authorization (Telex Visa)
  7. 2 photos of 2×3 cm (red background)
  8. Letter of Domicile (a letter from the head of sub district that certifies your residential address)
  9. Power of Attorney that author
  10. IRO officer to process visa on behalf of the student.

Table of visa application process

No. Step                       Costs Time Duration


1. TELEX VISA Application Rp 200.000/ 14 USD

(1 USD = 14,173.63 IDR / 2019)

Approximately 2 weeks work hours
  1. The scanned CV with UMY’s format
  2. The scanned Passport (at least available 18 months for applying 1 year and 30 months for 2 years) and Cover Passport
  3. Acceptance Letter (LoA)
  4. A red background Photo with max. size 200kb (jpg./pdf.)
  5. A statement Letter of Seek no Job
  6. Medical Letter
  7. Academic Transcription or Last Degree Certificate
2. VISA picking in Indonesian Embassy The price in every Indonesian Embassy is vary. Please note that the Visa payment will be bear on you. Meaning that the University will not give any refund for it. 4-7 days process depends on the Indonesian Embassy
3. Limited Stay Permit Application The price is determined by which kind of visa that you choose. It can be Socio-Cultural Visa (VKSB) or Limited Stay Permit Visa (VITAS). Below is the price list for VKSB and VITAS.

  1. For the VKSB is cost for Rp 500.000/ 35 USD/months.
  2. For the Limited Stay Permit (ITAS) is cost for Rp 2.500.00/ 176  USD/year and Rp 3.750.000/264  USD/two years. 
This application process will be assisted by Officer. It takes approximately 9 days for the application. It includes 3 days to get the domicile letter, one day for submitting documents to the immigration, and 2 days for taking photo session in the immigration. The rest days will be taken to wait until the VITAS is finished.


  1. SKTT (Domicile letter)
  2. A printed Study Permit (Ask the officer)
  3. Passport & Visa
  4. Telex Visa
  5. Pass Photo 3×4 2 pcs with red background
  6. Filling up the CV and forms (Perdim) at the IRO UMY.

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