Tuesday (10/12), To boost the international reputation of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). In order to encourage its lecturers to have experience abroad, UMY continues to make various breakthroughs. Besides, UMY increased the opportunity to bring in foreign professors or doctors to share their knowledge inside. To ensure that the program will achieve the target, the UMY Cooperation and International Affairs had held dissemination with the theme “Ideas Sharing UMY Internationalization”, at A.R Building Fachruddin A. UMY.

Executive Director of Cooperation and International Affairs, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ph.D., explained that there are two programs as initiatives to improve UMY’s reputation on the international scale namely: Visiting Fellow and Sabbatical Leave. Visiting Fellow is a program that invites academics from abroad to come to UMY and collaborate with the lecturers. Besides, Sabbatical Leave is a program that offers lecturers at UMY the ability to conduct research at various universities under UMY’s partners abroad.

This activity serves as a means to accommodate doctorates or lecturers to establish connections. Both teaching and research with academics who are under UMY partners from outside“, Eko said.

The program also invited fresh doctorates at UMY as the target audience. Eko also urged lecturers to take advantage of the opportunity since UMY will fully facilitate all activities.

I hope that the lecturers will fully utilize this opportunity. UMY has the best facilities to have experience abroad for every lecturer“, he added. (hnl)