In the very beginning, Cooperation and International Affairs was operated under the Bureau of Public Relations and Cooperation. In 2006, it was Directed by Ms. Rahmawati Husein, S.Sos., MCP, which responsible for Cooperation Affairs under the Cooperation Division. Afterward, in 2011, the Bureau was divided into two separate Bureau, which are the Bureau of Law and Bureau of Cooperation. Ms. Indira Prabasari, Ph.D., was selected to be the first Director of Cooperation Bureau, with the assistant of Ir. Tony K. Hariadi as the Head of International Relations Office UMY to lead the Bureau, right after it was established. By the end of Ms. Indira Prabasari, Ph.D. and Mr. Tony K. Hariadi period in 2017, range development of the Bureau was conducted which it become the institution under the supervision of Vice Rector V of UMY, and named as Cooperation and International Affairs. In present, Cooperation and International Affairs directed by Mr. Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Si., M.Res., Ph.D., as the Executive Director, Mr. Yordan Gunawan as the Director of Office of International Affairs, and dr. Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, M.Sc, as the Director of Cooperation Administration.

Cooperation & International Affairs

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is a private university in Yogyakarta under the affiliation of Muhammadiyah, which is the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. As a higher educational institution, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta focuses not only on learning through the teaching process but also in cooperation with other educational, governmental, private industries both in Indonesia and abroad. The cooperation aims to fortify the efforts of the University in producing young and globally competitive (Muda & Mendunia) students.

Cooperation and International Affairs (CIA) is built to support UMY development especially in making cooperation and networking.  As the university's policy, UMY opens itself to establish cooperation with any parties if they have the same interests and competencies, as one of UMY goals is to be reputable University in Asia by 2020

Cooperation undertaken by UMY under CIA is done in the framework of institutional development and improvement of academic quality and non-academic quality. UMY establishes cooperation with universities, businesses, governments and/or self-help organizations, both at home and abroad. The cooperation is highlighted in several aspects as follow;

International Cooperation and Affairs is aimed to enhance UMY cooperation with institutions and colleges in the country and abroad therefore the cooperation can benefit both parties.  This is formulated of UMY Cooperation Policy based on UMY Statute and Rector’s Decree No 066 / SK-UMY / IV / 2013 on Guidance on Cooperation Management.

The productivity of this cooperation is also guaranteed because there are several annual routine programs that are designed to be implemented with partners. Both within and outside the country. So, it is the duties of our organization to manage several programs of activities designed to increase the productivity of domestic and abroad cooperation for example: