The meeting held at UMY was attended by University College Cork (UCC), Ireland and the executive director for cooperation and International Affairs (UMY), Eko Priyo Purnomo, PhD, as well as involved Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. To strengthening cooperation on students and staff’s mobility with University College Cork.

“Cooperation on students and staff’s mobility are a good way to access skills, resources, and expertise academic activities, its need to ensure that the agreement we are building here continues to have benefits both of universities.” Said Purnomo. In which provides model agreements and guidance for use in negotiations both Universities. In particular, discussing and exploring new opportunities such as resources for researchers in any research field, strategic awards and funding for master and PhD student, and knowledge transfer through student and staff mobility.


Furthermore, University College Cork, Ireland, Rank 200s want to have cooperation with students and staff’s mobility. In this meeting, they emphasize to have joint research and ask UMY’s staff to do a PhD program. The University is listed at LPDP because it has reputable on renewable energy and sustainable development. This welcoming attitude extends to open collaboration with UCC.

As long both universities have an agreement, making connections by sending the student or staff for doing an exchange program, double degree, and research collaboration. Clearly defined agreements allow parties to get on with the collaboration. UCC welcomes UMY’s international students, researchers, in the spirit of cooperation and friendship.