IRO, Monday, August 28, 2018

As one of the biggest University under the higher education board of Muhammadiyah, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta keep striving on internationalization. One of the elements is accepting inbound students from across the region.

Southern Borders Province Administration Center (SBPAC), an institution which is the extension of Thailand’s Prime Minister administration, is one of Muhammadiyah partners who is actively collaborating with Muhammadiyah and its higher educations regards to scholarship. As the previous years, UMY accepts five students who are already selected by the committee from board of higher education of Muhammadiyah in South Thailand last July.  On Monday, August 28, 2018, Director of UMY Office of International Affairs, Mr. Yordan Gunawan, officially welcomes the students and gave brief explanation about the UMY and the Campus life. Those students were accompanied by the representative of SBPAC, Mr. Teeruth Supawiboonpol and Mr. Nakaria Siririkanon.

Teeruth in his speech said “Thailand’s government is fully supporting this program and expected that the scholarship will be also offered not only for Muslim students but also students in general.”

Yordan said that tomorrow UMY also will welcome another six students from Thailand under the Muslim Education Development Association of Thailand (MEDAT). Those students will also study in UMY as full-time students.