On May 14th 2018, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) honored by Dr Zuhair S.M Al Shun as Ambassador of Palestine, Dr Arif Rachman, sp. Rad as the Presidium of MER-C, Hilman Latief, M.A., PhD as the vice rector of UMY and Dr Sidiq Jatmika as the lecturer of International Relational Department, are the speakers in the International Seminar “The Phenomenon of The Indonesian Civil Society Movement in Support of Palestinian Independence”

Mr Eko Priyo Purnomo, PhD as UMY Executive Director of Cooperation and International Affairs also speech in this seminar. “Hopefully through this seminar are able to make collaboration in international cooperation in education and research, as well as to strengthen the relationship with Palestine, as a symbol of brotherhood between Indonesia and Palestine”

Dr. Zuhair S.M Al Shun as Ambassador of Palestine states that “Palestine appreciates Indonesia that acts fast and responsive for supporting the independence of Palestine” through Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), it show of friendship and support between Indonesia and Palestine, such as the establishment a hospital in North Gaza, which able provides health services more than 300,000 Palestinians have benefited for medical care. According to Dr Arif Rachman, sp. Rad as the Presidium of MER-C, the effort through a hospital was something that became the fundamental need, which built through Indonesians raised money.

Furthermore, the seminar was conducted several session and discussion, Dr Sifdiq Jatmika on the view of international relation argues that “Every president candidate Indonesia should show off the position to support the struggle of Palestine”, said Sidik, and the understanding of non-organization contribution for international relations studies. Also, Hilman Latief argues on the view of historical and Islamic studies; Indonesia Palestine relation: aid and friendship, the power of solidarity has seen since in the first independent of Indonesia in order to establish relation and partnership. Indonesia Muslim solidarity as the largest Muslim in the world strength and awareness to support Palestine. Said Hillman.