August 28, 2017, by Rangga

In the steps necessarily taken as visualization of UMY jargon “Young and Global”, on August 17-18, 2017 the University sends its delegations to participating in Prince of Songkhla University’s annual agenda: Education Fair 2017, Thailand. Inviting all high school’s students over the South Thailand province, both the exhibition is the berth where the students have an opportunity to explore local and world University and also an occasion for the Universities to promote their campus. In which, an opportunity for UMY to introducing its entity to international worldwide.

Joined by Muhammadiyah Higher Education association embedded in Office of International affairs forum which included Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang, etc. as few of dozens of universities that participated, the exhibition held in Prince Songkhla University Convention Centre. This affair opens up the opportunity for Muhammadiyah higher education to spread inclusivity by pleasurably accepts the students from South Thailand. Within the two days agenda, Muhammadiyah Office of International Affairs Forum had a dinner with the Indonesia Consulate in Songkhla at the first day, and went to meet Prince of Songkhla University directors and visited Wittaya Islamic School in the last day.

Opened by Mr. Triyogo Jatmiko as the General Consulate of KRI in Songkhla, the dinner that held at Mermaid Hotel Songkhla runs well with the director and the secretary of Muhammadiyah Higher education also joined on that special occasion. In his speech, Mr. Triyogo mentioned his gratitude towards Office of International Affairs Forum visitation to Songkhla for such a favorable purposes. He stated, with the association’s willingness to participate in the exhibition would be very beneficial for Indonesia and Thailand relation. In which Muhammadiyah Higher Education also known as the most widely higher education chosen for South Thailand people to take their undergraduate study. Upon this visit, Muhammadiyah Higher Education expected could maintain this inclusivity and also giving more awareness on the system of the exchange program, community service, etc. held by the Muhammadiyah Higher Education in Thailand said by him.

In the second day, the team separates into two entourage which one team visited Prince of Songkhla University Director and the rest visited Wittaya Islamic School in the Southern part of Songkhla near to Thailand-Malaysia border line. Visitation to meet the Director of PSU in purposed to maintain cooperation between some Office of International affairs forum member and also introducing the rest of the member who has not had cooperation with the university. The rest of the team, in which visited Wittaya Islamic School did some promising discussion for the benefit of the two side. After had MoU signing between Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang and the Wittaya Islamic School, the discussion started with an introduction for each institution and how students of UMP doing as they did their KKN program in the school. Those topics usher to the Muhammadiyah Higher Education Association director idea to initiate possibility of Muhammadiyah Higher Education alumnae from English department to become a teacher at Wittaya Islamic School. This idea emerged after realizing lots of one of the member alumnae had become the teacher in the school. Perceived this possibility, the association hopefully can open up the opportunity for the English Department alumnae from each Muhammadiyah Higher Education to teaching abroad in the future.

Last say, participation for every Office of International affairs forum member in this kind of agenda is really prominent considering the benefits offered by those agendas for the association and the university itself as the big family of Muhammadiyah.