UMY launched Halalan Thayiban Centre

September 12, 2017 by : Admin

Sept 12 2017, by Putri


Sept 12 – Hearing the word “Halal and Haram”, the perception of the public will automatically focus either on food or on Islam. Since a matter of Halal and Haram is always attached to Islam which is also served as a command from Allah SWT. The problem on whether or not the component is Halal, it such a crucial thing for Muslims. Since that whether or not the thing is Halal; it will affect the blessing of one’s Muslim life.

As a respond to such matter, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is inspired to initially create Halalan Thayiban Centre (HTC). The issue on creating HTC has been discussed over the past 5 years. Finally, in September 2017, particularly on Saturday 9 in Twin Building E7 5th floor, HTC has been successfully launched. It is not only the launching of Halalan Thayiban Centre but the Public Lecture under the title “The Role and Responsibility of Dakwah Muhammadiyah in Promoting Halal” was also held on the agenda. Prof. DR. Ir. H. Trijoko Wisnu Murti, DEA. Director of LPPOM MUI Yogyakarta and Prof. Dr. Winai Dahlan, Director of Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand are served as speaker on that public lecture. 

Dr. Iman Permana, M.Kes,PhD as Head of Halalan Thayyiban Center UM, in his speech he mentioned that today, there are still a phenomenon of “Ayam Tiren” in which that the chicken that was just died will be sold tomorrow. Halalan Thayiban Centre is created as a single step of UMY, as an academic centre to educate the public about issue related to Halalan Thayiban. He also mentioned that Halal is not only for Muslims, as he said “ Halal is not the thing that can be related with Islam but it is also related to all people. Hence that the existence of HTC is not only finding the scientific proof but it is also needed to socialize to public”. As he said

Meanwhile, Prof. DR. Ir. H. Trijoko Wisnu Murti, DEA said that Muslims when they pray to god are also must be a holy or not being contaminated by filth. So that the issue on Halal is very important to discuss and I think it is needed to make Halalan Thayyiban as a life style. “ Prayer, one of the most important worship that only can be done in holy condition. And then in holy Quran also mentioned that Allah commands all the creature to eat a halal first and then do the worship. However, it is not meant that halal is only for Muslim yet Halal is for everyone. He said.

Similarly, Prof. DR. Winai Dahlan also mentioned that there are a lot of countries that is actually not Muslim Majoritty yet they try to find a halal food product or anything that is halal. “As an illustration, Japan has often ordered halal products and they say that halal products are a good product. Therefore I say that halal it’s not just for Muslim but for all, “he mentioned.