E-learning is one of the solutions to support students in obtaining learning materials further. Lecturers can send materials to students where students can access the material through the university platform and support the learning process. Similarly, students, can send the task or access the material through online. It is as referring to the vision of UMY who wants to bring his learning method to a more digitally oriented direction.

It is precisely this that led UMY to partner CISCO as a partner to improve technological infrastructure improvements. Improvements made include unstable internet network access and range extension. In this partnership partnership, has resulted in the installation of routers, switches and access points to improve the quality of network connections.

In a release received by the Public Relations Bureau of UMY on Monday (13/11), Ir. Eko Prasetyo M, Eng., Head of UMY Information System Bureau, said that UMY felt the need to invest in technological infrastructure development in this 25 hectare campus. This is done to enable reliable and stable network access throughout the campus.

In the release, CISCO also explained several stages of infrastructure improvements made at UMY. The project begins with the installation of the Cisco ASR 1001X as a router by the end of 2013. The second stage is the installation of 4507R + E switches consisting of core switches and Cisco 3560X as distribution switches. The third stage in 2014 is the installation of Cisco 3602I access points, 2702I & 1702I at various locations within the campus. In the installation, there are more than 200 access points that have been installed. Going forward, UMY also plans to install more access points, especially in the outdoor area in stages.

One student of UMY faith expressed his joy with the internat network which is now starting to stabilize. “I am very happy with the reliable network connection provided by UMY. Currently the network on campus has begun to stabilize. It seems there is no other university that has a stable internet network with a range of this area, “he said.

UMY will continue its partnership with Cisco and Packet Systems Indonesia to add access points to 15% of campus areas that still do not have a strong network. Thus, UMY will have a reliable network connection across the campus, outdoor and indoor areas. In addition, UMY has a long-term plan to establish an apartment building for student accommodation. UMY can utilize the positive collaboration to provide the technology infrastructure for the apartment building to be built