As one of the campus in Yogyakarta in receiving the largest inbound students from international partners, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) provide it’s best to facilitate their inbound students to engage with one another in order to support their study in UMY,  and also giving them an opportunity to dig into Indonesian Culture, especially in Yogyakarta.

UMY held induction day for the inbound students on Sunday (28/10). The induction day took place in Desa wisata Tembi, attended by inbound students from UMY’s international partners such as universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Khon Khaen University, Princeton University, and also International Students from Philippines and Thailand.

Before the inbound students depart to Desa Wisata Tembi, they received warm welcoming speech from UMY’s rector Ir.Gunawan Budiyanto. Took place in front of Rector hall, Ir.Gunawan Budiyanto, MP delivered his  short speech in hoping that the inbound students will take deeper insight about Indonesia, especially in Agriculture since Indonesia is one of the biggest agrarian country in the world.

“I hope all of you would enjoy the induction day, and you can learn how our people do our culture, especially in Agriculture, which intend to be one of our identity as agrarian country” he said.

Eko Priyo Purnomo as the executive director of International Cooperation and Affairs also had the chance to delivered his short speech to the inbound students. “ Same with Mr.Gunawan said, I hope you all enjoy your time in Desa Budaya Tembi, where all of you could learn a little insight about Indonesiam cultures, especially Yogyakarta’s culture. I also hope that this event would bound each other here as international students in UMY” he added.

The first agenda in Desa Budaya Tembi is “Membatik” . Batik is one of the most famous Indonesian fabric patterns. The inbound student has the chance to learn how to draw the traditional pattern with liquid wax and how to use canting, a tool to draw the pattern.  After Membatik, The agenda was proceed with a brief presentation from Jogja International Heritage Walk (JIHW) to promote their events to the inbound students, continued with presentation from UMY ‘s Immigrations Staff to deliver some of the important immigrations issues regarding their status as International Students in Indonesia. The agenda later on proceed with painting Gerabah, an Indonesian traditional pottery and later on they play traditional games called Bakiak and practicing on how to be farmer in the field.

Jonathan Hunter Charette,  Princeton University student said that this activity made him able to appreciate art and culture more. “Before this we had the opportunity to visit the Ullen Sentalu Museum and witness firsthand how the batik making process took place. I really appreciate the ability needed to make batik, especially after I try to practice it myself. This activity makes me appreciate the diversity of arts and culture, “he said.

“We want this kind of activities more, We really enjoyed these activities because it’s fun and we can know each other better” said students from Universiti Utara Malaysia. “Looking forward for other activities like this” They added.