Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) as a young and global University and one of the largest universities under the auspices of  Muhammadiyah continues to provide its best. By striving to become one of the International University, to achieve these goals one of the steps taken by UMY is to continue to receive students from abroad.

Therefore, on Wednesday (08/30) Muslim Education Development Association in Thailand (MEDAT) cooperated with UMY In providing full-time scholarships. Head of Cooperation and Administration, Dr. Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, welcomes the arrival of 7 students from Thailand as recipients of Full-Time Students scholarships. Those student’s acceptance is a result from a tight selection process that has been conducted in the end July 2018 by the committee from the Muhammadiyah Higher Education Council in Southern Thailand.

On that occasion, the students were accompanied by Mr. Hawari Lambensah whose represent MEDAT. Mr. Hawari said “this is the first time MEDAT students are placed in general for full-time scholarships, hopefully in the future this collaboration can continue,”.In addition to the 7 students from MEDAT, UMY also had received 5 other Thailand’s students for the full-time scholarship program under the cooperation with the Southern Borders Province Administration Center (SBPAC). The student will also study at UMY as Full-Time Students.