Two students of International Relations (HI) of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY), Amalia Putri Utami (20150510073) and Heriawan (20150510093) arrived in Bahrain on Friday night (9/21) accompanied by Ratih Herningtyas, S.IP., MA as the UMY HI lecturer. The two students were the winners of Best Delegate in the diplomacy practicum held by the HI UMY Study Program in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate General of Public Diplomacy.

The departure of HI UMY students to Bahrain is a gift given by the Indonesian Embassy in Manama and will last for 10 days. Heriawan said that during their stay in Bahrain the two of them would carry out several activities. “First, we conducted internships at the Indonesian Embassy in Manama and were involved in several diplomatic activities such as the preparation of the diplomatic reception, and the Indonesian Cultural Night. We will also sit-in at the University College of Bahrain (UCB) and then engage in discussions with students there by being monitored directly by Dr. “Sutan Emir Hidayat, Head of Business Administration (Dean / Head of Business School) at UCB,” he said.

Heriawan also said that they were asked to write their opinions about Bahrain while there. “The Indonesian Ambassador to Bahrain, Nur Syahrir Rahardjo said that he often sends Bahraini students and students to Indonesia on various occasions. On their return from Indonesia they were asked to write down their opinions and impressions about Indonesia. The Ambassador wanted us to do the same thing and then publish the writing through social media, “he said.

In addition to the above activities, they will also conduct mini-research related to the phenomenon of human trafficking in Bahrain. “As long as we are there, we will conduct small research on illegal Indonesian labor in Bahrain. We chose to adopt this theme because it was included in the category of human trafficking and occurred systematically. The problem then is that in the phenomenon of human trafficking that occurs in Bahrain there is mostly no ‘victim’, because the workforce is flown voluntarily by illegal agents. This is what we want to inform as widely as possible, “explained Amalia. Amalia also said that the results of the research will be published and also raised in the seminar which will be held in October at UMY.