September 2 2017, by Scha

2nd September – Generally,  higher education is one of main interests in the current globalization era. So it is not surprising that the present-day society, especially the Y-generation will continues to further study inside and outside the country. Furthermore, with the excitement of pursuing education, various institutions of higher learning offer to pursue tertiary education from the Bachelor Degree to PhD. Recently, UMY has received a visitor from Tilburg University, Netherlands would like to  invite students and staffs to study there.

Tilburg University was represented by two representatives  holding seminars attended by 50 UMY students and alumni from international program which is IPIREL, IPIEF, IGOV,IMABSS, and IPACC  aimed promoting the university in the south of the Netherlands. Mr Yunius Cesar, one of the  representatives from EduPlan Indonesia, introduced the postgraduate programs offered by Tilberg University including social behavior sciences, economics, law, theology, humanities and business sciences. According to Mr Yunius “we provide scholarships to any student who wishes to pursue studies at Tilburg  required at least ILETS 6.5 and our university studies are fully English.”

Moreover, Mr. Yordan Gunawan, Head of Cooperation and International Affairs, was present to open the ceremony said “I hope one of you or all of us has a chance fly to Tilburg someday. Ours is not just a university but a leading higher educational institution that seeks us to go globally along with our vision Young and Global.” He added “in order to sustain and build on the world brand university , we need to ensure excellence in various aspects, especially in the education sector.”

Tilburg University Tilburg University, founded in 1927, is a fully accredited government financed university with approximately 12,500 students. Its mission is to inspire and challenge students, faculty, staff and alumni by providing high quality, innovative and internationally oriented education and research. Enjoying the reputation as Europe’s best in Business, Economics, and Law, Tilburg University also specializes Humanities and in Social Sciences. It provides high quality education and research on a compact campus with excellent facilities. Furthermore, all its business programs are accredited by AACSB, which is the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.