November 16 2017 , by Eko Sumanjaya

For the very first time, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta has been participating in International Student Summit which is held at Diponegoro university, Semarang (14-16 November 2017). The are three distinguished foreign students namely: Hazel D. Jovita (the Philippines), Asnee Desulong (Thailand) & Roihan Satapo (Thailand). They will compete in Bahasa Indonesia Speech competition on 15 November 2017. One of the representative from UMY, Hazel D. Jovita said that: “this event is eventually a great chance for UMY to broaden their connection with other universities, in terms of understanding the foreign students association from each universities around Indonesia. I am so glad and honoured to represent in this vary event”.

International Students Summit 2017 is an annual meeting that coordinated by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with host universities per years. This year, Diponegoro university was chosen as the host of 6th ISS 2017. The Vice Rector of Diponegoro university during his spech said that: “On behalf of Diponegoro university, I would like to welcome all delegates to ISS 2017 and we’re very delighted to be the step-stone to linked all international students in Indonesia within this event. We’re also looking forward for a better improvements in the future events”.