UMY as a leading University in Indonesia, selected and granted the Erasmus From Uni Eropa. UMY is the only private University in Yogyakarta that can get this prestigious Award.  This program is about to gain more partnership among University in Asian discussing about several enthusiastic developing programs totally benefited to both parties such as Erasmus  and open some schemes to offer to the academic community especially for PhD students, Master students, Bachelor students,  and Staff Mobility. However, this  program also has the specific qualification that must be met for each scheme. The requirements and informations can be seen more detail at The Alianza 4 Universidades.

Contact Person :

  • Eko Priyo Purnomo MRes., Phd
    • | +62 81233 669 556
  • dr. Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, M.Sc.
    • | +62 8562 862 887