Malaysia (25-26/6/2019). Officials from Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a visit to Malaysia to promote UMY’s International Scholarship as well as strengthening the cooperation by visiting its three prominent partners. Director of International Relations Office-Yordan Gunawan, Director of Administrative Cooperation-Farindira Vesti Rahmasari, and two staffs namely Ricki Fernando and Ayu Naqsabandiyah visited most-northern Malaysia’s Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) as its set-out of the cooperation trip dated June 25th, 2019. Welcomed at the Rectorate meeting room, the meeting was attended by the Dean of PPA College of Business (COB)-Dr. Herman Shah Anuar, the Deputy Dean of PPA College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS), the Dean of PPA College of Arts and Science (COAS)-Dr. Bahtiar Mohamad, the Manager of International Relations and Cooperation-Dr. Rahayu Ahmad, the Senior Assistant Director of UUM International Relations Office-Mohd. Khairy Mukhtaruddin, and the Deputy Director-Dr. Nur Khairiel Anuar.


Of 8 years cooperation, especially with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) and the Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) of UMY, both Universities have conducted numerous activities. By the upcoming even semester, 9 UUM students are confirmed to do a student exchange in UMY. The meeting concluded an expand in cooperation as UUM is enthusiastically interested in other short-termed academic activities such as Summer Course. Dean Herman wishes a greater cooperation between two Universities not only with FEB, but also other faculties in multi-disciplinary courses. Like Dean Herman, PPA COLGIS wishes to receive more students coming to the college from other disciplinaries.














Day two of the Malaysia’s trip, June 26th, 2019, UMY’s officials visited its old partner of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). It has been more than 15 years for both Universities bonded in a cooperation with various activities ranging from Joint Research, Student Exchange (especially with Law and Economic Faculties) and Visiting Professor. The officials were warmly received by Dr. Amir Akramin bin Shafie of Kulliyyah of Engineering, Dr. Soni Zulhuda of Kulliyyah of Laws International Relations Office (Head), and Wan Sharinar. As an old brother, IIUM Amir Akramin wishes to a next level cooperation between two universities and more various academic activities to come.

Within the same day in one fine afternoon, the team moved out to visit Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). Warmly welcomed by the Deputy Director of USIM ‘Alamiyah-Dr. Muhammad Aunurroc

him Bin Mas’ad Saleh, Director of USIM ‘Alamiyah-Dr. Khatijah Othman, and two officials, the meeting went smooth. As one of the leading Islamic universities and listed as University International Integrated Malaysia, USIM, IIUM and UMY share the same value and wish to expand the cooperation to its greatest. Director Khatijah enthusiastically wants to draft one new agreement on Student Exchange, Staff Exchange, and Joint Research. Likewise, Deputy Director Aunurrochim wants both Universities to have already involved in academic activities such Summer Course by the upcoming 2020. He also expects to conclude an agreement with UMY’s Medical Faculty as for the further cooperation.