Pre-Departure Exchange Program Spring 2017

November 24, 2017 by : Admin

November 24 2017, By : Scha

On Friday, 24th   November 2017. Around 35 students from different faculties of UMY were given an orientation before their departure to their host universities. They are all selected students who passed all the selection process. This program were held by Institute of Cooperation and International Affairs  at 2nd floor , F Building UMY.

This event was started with a speech from Executive Director of Institute of Cooperation and International Affairs,  Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Sc, M.Res, PhD .  The Director also introduced several important things that should be completed by students before their departure which are collecting the Letter of Acceptance (LoA), having a medical record, obtaining the Visa, holding insurance, contacting the university partner staffs, and booking the flight ticket. The information materials are about study permit checklist, visa requirements, do’s and dont’s, and obligation during the exchange.  “It is also important for you guys in the day of your departure to have already checked in the ticket by online so the boarding pass has been on your hand” he added his direction

In addition, the Director encouraged the students to be active during their study, “Be Active,Be Punctual, Avoid Plagiarism, Follow the Rule and Keep in Touch”, is the things that need to be emphasized regarding to Mr. Eko Priyo Purnomo

The students who attended this pre departure  are the participants of various exchange programs to Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia); Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia),  Maejo University (Thailand); Khon Kaen University ( Thailand), SIAS University (Republic of China); Sun Moon University  (Republic of Korea), National Cheng Khung University (Taiwan), ASIA University  (Taiwan); and Rizal Technological University (Philippines)

As  the students are expected and hoped to represent as the Ambassadors of  UMY at their host universities.  May their have a safe journey and gained not just the knowledge but also beneficially for  own good and future ahead.