October 30, 2015 by : Admin

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and Sias International University, China reopen an opportunity to study for one semester in China. Here is the detail.


1. Online Application, click here
2. CV,
3. A copy of academic transcript,
4. A copy of English proficiency,
5. A copy of active student ID (KTM)
6. A photograph
7. Recommendation Letter from Department; see the template here

 How to apply:

1. Register online

2. Send the required documents via email to with the subject: ONE SEMESTER IN CHINA_YOUR NAME

Important Dates:

1. Application Deadline: 20 Nov 2015

2. Desk Evaluation Result: 22 Nov 2015

3. Interview: 24 Nov 2015

4. Result of interview: 25 Nov

Things you should know:

1. The program is only for one semester

2. The expenses covered by the program is Tuition Fee Free and Accommodation Free; while the rest of the expenses is covered by the students such as Airline ticket, health insurance, visa, etc.

3. The courses offered click here