Sept 8 2017, by Scha

Sept 8 – Japan is a prosperous nation. The second largest economy in the world but is much more than advanced technology or fancy electronics. Japan has it all. It integrates a perfect balance of East and West, of tradition and modernity, of order and chaos. And now there are more opportunities than ever before to study and conduct research in this unique country

Recently on 7th of September, the delegations  from Nagoya University has been present at UMY to promote their university to students and employees at this campus. The head of the delegation  is Associate Professor Sunate Kampeeraparb and two other delegates were welcomed by the Yordan Gunawan, S.H., Int. MBA. as the Head of International Relation Office at the 4th floor  Kasman Singodimedjo, UMY Postgraduate building. “Nagoya University is one of the reputable university that produces inventors of innovation and innovation that are beneficial to people’s lives. Therefore I want the students who are present in order to maximize this moment to know various information about Nagoya University including scholarships and also various majors offered, “said Yordan when giving the opening address.

As introduction, Professor Sunate  introduced Nagoya profile  to all the audience briefly and compactly but could raise interest to the people of the entire seminar hall. Not only that, she also gave a little introduction about the history of Nagoya’s establishment  “Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, and is the capital city of Aichi Prefecture. It lies in the southwest part of the Chubu (Central Japan) region and is conveniently placed for access by public transport through being on the main Shinkansen (Bullet Train) railway line that runs east-west along the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima are all within easy reach. Besides,  she also invited UMY students to pursue further studies in masters Degree and Ph.D. As known  that the and cost of living in Japan are very high, but she  is convincing to the guests that the cost of living in Nagoya is lower than in Tokyo and other cities. Furthermore, Nagoya offers some scholarships for anyone interested and also provides hostel for international students.

The question and answer session is run after the presentation. Students are very active in asking questions as well as additional information about scholarships and studies in Nagoya. One of the Indonesians who are currently studying in Nagoya also attended to share experiences, he said “the education I travel there really opens the vision of thinking, and I feel I can make a big contribution to Indonesia. but also through everyday life there, Japan is synonymous with regularity, and this is not an accident but made by design, “he closed.