January 9 2018, by Scha

I-Kamp  outing program was held last Friday on 5th of January 2018.  This is about gathering  all I-Kamp participants at Desa Wisata Tambi, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This event was followed by 18  students  and 3 Liaison Officer of Indonesia-Korea Cultural Camp and 1 Staff from Institute of cooperation and International Affairs, UMY.   This program was conducted to give new opportunity to become acquainted for Korean international student and to learn more about culture and heritage of Indonesia. This is because their main objective went to Indonesia is to learn about Indonesia culture.

The program was started with the fun team building in purpose to enhance the togetherness and kinship. Continued with the fun activities such paddy planting, ducks catching, riding buffalo. All were eager to play and taking pictures.After lunch break, the activities continued with fried fermented soy beans .  Surprisingly is all of them love soy beans so much.  After that, they also had sharing session lead by  staff from Institute of Cooperation and International Affairs, Lubna Salsabila . During that session, Ms  Lubna explained about Indonesia heritage culture briefly.

Moreover, one of the participant testified, “Fun outing filled with adventure. I didn’t know what to expect but the result was amazing. I’m still reminiscing about the marvelous moments, wouldn’t mind doing it over and over again. Thank you for international office. Love UMY, you are the best!”. Through this event, the students get to know more about each other, they share, chat, doing activities and happy together.