The closing ceremony of KKN International or LeX held on Wednesday (18/9) at Food Court UMY Boga. LeX program participated by 67 participants which were from Singapore Polytechnic, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Japan, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This program succeeded in developing tourism potential and food products in Beteng, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency DIY.

Moreover, the students divided into four groups; Marketing Snakefruit Juice, Production Snakefruit Juice, Marketing Mushrooms, and Developing Tourism. One of the students from Singapore Polytechnic, Zulhaiman Zikri said that the program was not only community service but also learning about the culture that had never felt before.

Furthermore, Hilman Latief, MA., Ph. D. Deputy Rector for Student Affairs appreciated the products and solutions offered by the students who have carried out the LeX program by watching the student’s presentation on the gallery walk displayed. “Today, I would like to appreciate to all students for your dedication, innovative ideas, eagerness to produce something new, and your effort to learn from the field”, Hilman said.

The results were seen from the condition of the community, for example seeing problems in the production of snakefruite juice which was very slow and dangerous, lack of time management, and unstable income. Therefore, the solution offered was filtering devices safer and more efficient. It could help the business through marketing strategy education. Also, the students provided solutions related to tourism marketing strategies and crispy mushroom products. (hnl)