Friday, March 03, 2018, IRO UMY

Despite its sharp technology and economic development rising rate, Japan nowadays has to face the issue of birth number diminish which believed can lead to lack of manpower by 2050. In response to those issues, many companies in Japan went overseas to find talented young generation all over the world.

As one of the companies that had a role on connecting Japans’ companies who seek for talented staff and young generation abroad, Global Partner Consulting (GPC) took Life Silver Company (Japan) on their visit to UMY. At the occasion, Life Silver Company offered a cooperation with UMY to open up the opportunity for its alumnae to have career opportunities in Japan.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, GPC & LSC warmly welcomed by Mr. Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ph.D. as UMY Executive Director of Cooperation and International Affairs. In a purpose to establish new cooperation, on that moment Mr. Zenta Nishida as Director of GPC states there are many work fields, such as management, business, nursing, marketing, and Information technology, provided for talented UMYs’ alumnae. “We also provide Japanese language training facility and living support, and Japans’ Government will ease the visa application process for talented foreigner who will work at Japan’s company”

Those offers are excitedly welcomed by UMY as it is seen as a step to be a Reputable University. That approach to seem able to encourage UMYs’ Alumnae on their career particularly in Japan. The discussion of cooperation hopes could be a reciprocal partnership and give more profit to each party, especially UMY staff and Alumnae.