International Program of Islamic Economics and finance [IPIEF] is the program in Economics Department of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Our university has experiences in conducting international classes, such as in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Medicine and the Faculty of Law. In today’s world, public policy, economics and financial applications often work together to influence the actions of government, business and society. UMY is one of the only universities in the nation to house these subjects of study in one school and our strong emphasis on positive (Islamic) and normative theory unites them, creating a unique synergy of Islamization of economics.

International Program of Islamic Economics and Finance [IPIEF] is designed for the study period of 3-4 years. International networking such as International Conferences and Student Exchange organized with foreign universities, especially International Islamic University of Malaysia [IIUM] and several faculties joint event such as “Summer School of Tropical medicine” from the Faculty of Medicine in which invited overseas student from Europe, America and Asia. Those international program s not only create academic confidence for the students due to their mastery of the literature and ability in expressing their ideas in English, but also lead the English student debating team of UMY, which is largely composed of students of the international programs to be of the leading teams in Indonesia, with international experiences.


Our curriculum, with its emphasis on research experience, is designed to give you a competitive edge in academics, the private market, or the public sector. We have strong traditional programs in economics and finance, as well as Islamic knowledges that combine subjects to meet real-world career goals. Our learning environment is structured around professional study requirements and students leave university with the ability to generate and apply knowledge and the capacity to actively engage in the community to lead productive lives.

National and International Partnership

International Program of Islamic Economics and finance [IPIEF] has strong partnership and cooperation with national and international universities. Currently IPIEF bound strong cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Airlangga University of Surabaya and working closely to enhance the academics cooperation with Kulliyah of Economics and Management Sciences from International Islamic University of Malaysia [IIUM]. IPIEF always seek the possibility to increase the number of cooperation with the foreign university, additional cooperation has been made with Sias Internasional University located in Xinzheng, People’s Republic of China in cooperation of students exchange.

Teaching staffs and Foreign Lecturer/professor

International Program of Islamic Economics and finance [IPIEF] has promising teaching staffs to ensure the students development in teaching and discussing. Teaching staffs was graduated from notable university in Indonesia and abroad. To enhance students experiences, IPIEF invited foreign lecturer and professor from the partner university and regularly visited the department according the schedule of time.

Prof. Dr. Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera (Visiting Professor, International Islamic University of Malaysia)
Prof. Dr. Mohamad Aslam Mohamad Hanned (Visiting Professor, International Islamic University of Malaysia)
Prof. Dr. Mohd Azmi Omar (Visiting Professor, International Islamic University of Malaysia)
Prof. Dr. Adrew White (Visiting Professor, Singapore Management University (SMU) Singapore)

Facilities and Supporting Units

IPIEF has advanced facilities and supporting units to support the academics and students development in International Program of Islamic Economics and finance [IPIEF]. While studying in IPIEF, the students will enjoy several facilities to enhance the personal ability in terms of academic and non – academics. The facilities are:
Study and Research Hall,
Indonesia Stock Exchange Corners, Entrepreneurship Corners,
Research Room for Information and Technology,
Internet Access 24h with WIFI coverage technology,
Multimedia Access and Digital Data Library,
Research Room for Entrepreneurship,
Research Room for IESP,
Research Room for Management and Accountancy,
Simulation Room for Banking and International Economics Development, and
Simulation room for Islamic and Syariah Banking Development

International Program of Islamic Economics and finance [IPIEF] curriculum

Curriculum in International Program of Islamic Economics and Finance [IPIEF] in line with the development of worldwide economics issues and balanced with islamic curriculum that make IPIEF as superior program in our university. Please access our information list of courses below, further information, please contact University Admission or International Relations Office (IRO) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Tuition Fee (4 years)

IDR 70.945.000*

*Total tuition fee is for 4 (four) years of study


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