Established in 2004, International Program of International Relations (IPIREL) is a special undergraduate (S1) program for global minded students of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. All academic activities are conducted in English and carried out by internationally experienced lecturers. The number of students in International Class is limited to 45 students only. It assures the quality control of teaching and learning process. This program is also supported by foreign lecturers from notable overseas universities and has established a Double Degree Program with Department of International Relations, Flinders University Australia.

Double Degree and Visiting Professors

The study program has established a double degree program with International Studies Program of Flinders University Australia. This program enables the IPIREL students to do some course work in Flinders University and as a result, receive two certificates: Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) from Flinders University and Sarjana Ilmu Politik (Bachelor of Political Science) from UMY. The program also cooperates with several notable universities abroad to establish Visiting Lecturers program. Universities that have sent its faculties to teach in the program are Flinders University Australia (regular visiting Professor Program under Double Degree Program), National University of Singapore, Seoul University of Korea, Monash University, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), and University of Wales. The new program opens opportunities and is also looking forward to establishing Visiting Lecturers with other notable universities.


The graduated students will receive the certificate in English from UMY, while those who join double degree program will receive two certificates, one from UMY and another one from the associate university.

Teaching Staffs

The teaching staffs are graduates from notable universities in Indonesia and aboard. They hold Master’s and Doctorate’s degree with international experiences in studying aboard, carrying out research and joining international seminars. In addition, foreign lecturers from the associate university will be invited to teach certain subjects.


Prof. Dr. H.M. Amien Rais, MA
Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, MA
Prof. Dr. Tulus Warsito, M.Si
Dr. Masyhudi Muqarrobin
Dr. Nur Azizah
Dr. Sidik Jatmika
Dr. Muhammad Ichsan
Dr. Surwandono
Ali Muhammad, Ph.D
Hilman Latief, Ph.D
Mirda, MA, Sce, (Ph. D Candidate)
Rahmawati Hussein, MCCP, (Ph. D Candidate)
Zahrul Anam, M.Si
Takdir Ali Mukti, M.Si
Taufiqur Rahman, MA
Muhammad Azhar, MA.
Nurwanto, MA
Agus Setyo Muntohar, M.Eng.Sc

Visiting Professor and Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Cristoph Behrens (Visiting Professor, Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany)
Prof. Mark Woodward (Visiting Professor, Arizona State University, United States of America)
Prof. Noel Tracy (Visiting Professor, Flinders University, Australia)
Prof. Anton Lucas (Visiting Professor, Flinders University, Australia)
Prof. Yang Seung Yon, Ph. D (Seoul University, South Korea)
Linda Quayle, Ph.D (Visiting Lecturer, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus)
Bilver Singh, Ph.D (Visiting Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore)
Irwan Omar, Ph. D (Visiting Lecturer, Singapore)
Kati Marjaana Jauloha, Ph. D (Visiting Lecturer, United Kingdom)

Facilities and Supporting Units

Air-Conditioned rooms,
Multimedia Class Rooms,
Study Hall and Resource Center,*
Mini Library, Musshola (prayer room), International Relations Office,
International news and channel TV cable lounge, and
Free Internet Access Tutorials Training for improving student’s skills

*Study Hall and Research Center is a room where students can read, study and carry out their assignments. It provides computers with free internet access, hot spots, and various references in political science and International Relations. The program is currently developing and improving the literature collection of resource center as well as its administrative and networking system. The program is expecting to establish cooperation with other libraries and resources centers to improve its collections and modern networking and administrative system.

Supported by:

International Relations Laboratory,
Simulation and Conference Hall,
Language corners available for American Corner, French Corner, and Chinese Corner,
Language Training Center for: English, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese languages,
Students Access Center (SAC) additional extracurricular for Russian, Korean, and French languages,
Sinology Center, Jurnals library and the Center for Social and Political Changes

Admission Requirements

Indonesian citizen (Warganegara Indonesia)
Foreign citizen (must be accredited by the Directorate of Education of The Republic of Indonesia (DIKTI),
Graduated from Senior High School [SLTA/SMA], Vocational School [SMK], Islamic Boarding School [MAN/PONPES] in any departments,
Grade 7 (minimum) of English subject during high school studies, Registration fees,
A copy of legalized Surat Tanda Tamat Belajar or Certificate of Completion of Studies, and
Two 3×4 sized (black/white) photograph.

Test Materials

TeKaD (Tes Kemampuan Dasar/Test of Basic Competence) that consist of verbal, logic, and number test. For further information, please contact University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta’s Admission Office or International Relations Office (IRO)

Tuition Fee (4 years)

IDR 97.335.000*

*Total tuition fee is for 4 (four) years of study


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