Tuesday, 26th December 2017. The first class session for the South Korean students has begun. The class started at 09.00 WIB with a short discussion within the students about the cultural project insight. Both of Indonesian and Korean students need to collaborate in term to make a cultural project in the end of the program. The previous 6 (six) groups that had been made before were mixed into 2 (two) big groups. The two groups need to perform 3 different performances; Indonesia Culture Performances, Korean Culture Performances, and Mixed Culture Performances. In purpose to make be the best one, each group was working hard in deciding the theme of the performances.   The discussion was stop forcedly by the liaison officer because the next class was about to start. 


The Special Class was arranged by Cooperation and International Affairs of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in Collaboration with Sun Moon University. The speaker was Mr. Jang Keun Won or also called as Mr. Abdul Nasir. Mr. Jang Keun Won finished his doctoral degree in one University in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, Mr. Jang runs several businesses now in Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta Special Region. In this moment, Mr. Jang gave a brief lecture to Sun Moon University students about “How to Survive in Indonesia and How to be a Businessman or either Built a business in Indonesia”. In this session, Mr. Jang wanted to encourage the students to be active students and have a self confidence. Mr. Jang really hope that this program will be more than just a vacation but the students able to learn something new, such as the diversity of the culture in Indonesia,  the Indonesia language, and how to survive and be a success students.