November 1 2017, By Scha


Héctor Abad Faciolince, a Colombian- Latin American literature novelist, had the opportunity to attend the Latin American Literature Socialization event at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The event organized by the Bureau of Cooperation and International Affairs and Language Training Center (LTC) of UMY in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Embassy of Colombia for Indonesia was held on Monday (30/10), at AR Fachruddin A Commission Building Room, 5th Floor, UMY.

In the next day, Tuesday (31/10) , Hector Abad showed documentary  “Carta  A Una Sombra.”  This documentary is from a book written by himself and  about Hector Abad’s tribute to his father, ‘the communist doctor’ murdered by Colombian paramilitaries in 1987. After that,   Mr. Hector elaborated the documentary to audiences, he shared,”This book is a novel but not a fictional story, the content of this book is a fact. This book tells the story of a child’s memory of his love for his father. This novel that I write about my father who died in the conflict that occurred in Colombia. This book is a bad memory I have, ”

“Although this book is a bad memory I have, but it is a book I write to remember my father. I write how I love father very much, I love to smell my body, voice and also my father’s hand. I write this book to remember it, because in life sooner or later we will forget or forget. Therefore I want someone else to remember my dad by reading this book, when I can no longer remember the memory of my father. This is why I chose the Title El Olvido Que Seremos -The Oblivion That We Shall Be, “said Héctor

In sharing session, Héctor also advises participants who want to write novels in this way should be able to defend the truth. “Write down all the facts that happen as is, collect as much as possible. Then after you have collected these facts, then you decide how to tell them. Whether in the first person’s perspective as I do, or with a third person’s point of view, or instead you want to write it by the documentary method. Do not forget also note the small details that occur, because sometimes it is memorable for your readers, “explains Héctor.

On the occasion, the participants who attended also had the opportunity to practice the Spanish language with a direct conversation with Héctor. At the end of the show Héctor mentioned that he would donate a book to his library of UMY so that if any student interested in his work can read it.