Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Yogyakarta has successfully held the seminar on “Geopolitics and Sports”, located at AR Fachruddin A Building, 5th floor, UYM. This event is one of an agenda sequence from IFI which has been started in Jakarta.

The seminar had three superb Speakers, they are 1. Barthélémy Courmont (Professor at the History Department, Catholic University de Lille, France); 2. Cyrille Bret (Professor in Political Science and Geopolitical, the Paris Political Science Institute); and 3. Tulus Warsito (Cultural Diplomacy Expert, UMY) and the sessions were led by Arie Kusuma Paksi, Ph.D.

In this occasion, “Studi di Perancis” was the first opening of the item agenda, presented by Reinza (Person in Charge for Campus France, IFI Yogyakarta), this presentation gave the description about how to study in France, scholarship, the Universities, and France language proficiency.

The enthusiasm of participants

The enthusiasm of participants could be seen obviously during the seminar since it was attended by more 150 audiences, the room also was so full and arising a lot of questions.

The most powerful materials were explained and packaged in a sentence by Prof. Barthélémy Courmont on “The Prosperity, Peace, and Power & Influence”, very interesting and giving a new perspective on sports as well as geopolitics.

IFI and the Two Speakers from France After Having Discussion with Cooperation and International Affairs UMY

After the seminar is finished, the Speakers from France and Ms. Sarah Camara (Director, IFI Yogyakarta) were having a discussion with Mr. Yordan Gunawan and Ms. Farindira, Cooperation and International Affairs. The contents were Campus introduction and academic concerns.