Many ventures have been attempted to developing a new system on UMY cooperation management, which the latest one is MoU Early Warning System development, in order to boost its range and efficiency. The steps have been seen necessary to reach UMY goal as a reputable university by 2040.

On April 21st, 2018, Cooperation and International Affairs, responsible for UMY cooperation management, has conducted training on maintaining the Early Warning System for UMY Faculty member. Its pledged all the web administrator from all faculties to introducing the new system and how to maintain it.

On the occasion, Alanuari Haryu, IRO staff of media and publication, was delivering the procedure to uploading activity report of what has been agreed by UMY and partners pursuant to their signed Memorandum of Understanding. “this procedure is needed in order to keep the university updated about how far the cooperation progress and to acknowledge is it worth whether to be continued or stopped” Alan said.

Furthermore, it hopes after the training all the faculties can be active on updating their activity(MoU based) throughout partnership validity period to help the university keep its performance or make it even better.