Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP) in the Learning Express (LeX) program between UMY and Singapore Polytechnic that has been started  from September 24th 2018 has come to the edge of the program.  The participants has been undergoing their community service in Soka Village and Dukuh Village, in Pundong District, Bantul. They have been observed the village and did the efforts to find solutions to problems experienced by local villagers.

Therefore, commemorating the end of the agenda, UMY held the Closing Ceremony and Gallery Walk of Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP) in the Learning Express (LeX) program on Wednesday (03/10) in Boga UMY.

This agenda was not only about valediction, but also has the purpose on to socialize the solutions the participants in a form of problem solving design map and props (gallery walk). They have the chance to explain about their program in solving the problem experienced by the local villager during their stay in the village to the audience.

Yanto, as the chief of the Soka Village expressed his gratitude towards this program because it’s really help the society in Soka Village to develop their village. He also hopes that this program still continuing and  grow to develop other villages too.

“ I would like to express my gratitude towards this program. This program really helps us to develop our potential in building our society. We hope that this program would still continue and we, Soka’s society have open arms to receive this community service in our village in the future” he said.