International Relations Office (IRO) UMY is pleased to announce the result of the SIAS International University exchange program administration selection . We would like to take this opportunity to call you to attend the interview section that will be held on Friday, November 04 2016 at 09.00 WIB, IRO office, Ar Fakhrudin B Lt. 1.

Exchange program to SIAS International University, result of administration section:

  1.   Betha Labova Ayuza (English Education)
  2.   Ikhwan Victhori (IPIEF)
  3.   Oktari Firda Hibatullah (English Education)
  4.   Alfaina Zia Inayati (IPIEF)

*For the candidate with the name written above, you are requested to come to IRO office at least 15 minute before the interview section

Thank you for your attention and wish you all the best, we’ll see you soon.

IRO Selection Team