Process of seeking scholarship is like playing football, where there is a single ball to catch, and you are competing alone with other opposition players. The team is merely your supporter, but you are the only one who leads the ball and scores a “goal”.

Therefore, a prestigious scholarship always attracts students from studying outside Indonesia. Building the home’s country with new knowledge, new learning environment, connecting with a different perspective from various countries in the famous campus, or because they want to be more broad-minded in their expertise. Students love to put these reasons when replying interviewer’s question about why they should be a scholarship awardee. Furthermore, they eager to attend various events that provide scholarship discussion.

Fortunately, UMY is a well-supported university who commit in facilitating students with various scholarship events. On Thursday, (26/09/19) UMY cooperated with British Council held the Chevening Scholarship Presentation and Discussion at Amphiteatre Postgraduate 4th Floor.

“By continuing your study with Chevening, you will well-facilitated by Britain’s government in reaching any comprehensive education system and world-class university you’ve dreamed of. It funds for 160 countries including Indonesia which given 60-70 students for a year of a course period,” said Devi Zega as the Program Assistant of Chevening.
“This scholarship opens until November 5, 2019. We filter the candidate based on the quality of leadership, networking, dedication on their field, future career plan letter, and their recommendation letter,” said her.

Since officially established in 1983, Chevening scholarship has facilitated over 1700 alumni throughout Indonesia in various scope. Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ph.D., as the Executive Director of Cooperation and International Affairs, said, “I only once applied for the scholarship to take my postgraduate, and it was Chevening. I accepted at the University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds and University of Yorkshire. Eventually, I chose Leeds because it was me. It offers more affordable living-cost than London, plenty of cultural activities, and loads of convenient transportation”.(af)