ASEAN University Youth Summit

November 12, 2014 by : Admin

In concern with efforts to intensify high-impact and high performance activities in conjunction  with UUM’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, the Student Development & Alumni Office (PPA)  intends to organise a seminar at the international level to provide a platform for student  development at institutions of higher learning, particularly in the Asian region, while, at the  same time, fostering security, peace, and prosperity among ASEAN member countries.

As a neighbouring country, Malaysia’s relationship with the ASEAN member countries  encompasses various areas of human enterprise ranging from entrepreneurship, education,  culture, and so on, right up to relations imbued with a sense of family. The prosperity that a  country enjoys almost always transfers to another country, especially a neighbouring one.  The same applies in instances of unrest and turmoil. In order to disseminate further a field the concept of cross-border prosperity among neighbouring nations, the PPA UUM CAS plans to hold a seminar expressly for the edification of students of institutions of higher learning in ASEAN countries.
Discussions have been held from time to time by the PPA UUM CAS with a number of institutions of higher learning in the region, namely Saint Mary’s University / Collegeo University, the Philippines, Prince of Songkhla University (PSU), Thailand, and the Telkom Institute of Management (IMTelkom Bandung), Indonesia. The discussions resulted in the suggestion to organise this proposed seminar, “The 1st Asean University Youth Summit (AUYS)”. This conference will involve the participation of students from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Saint Mary / Collegio University, the Philippines, PSU, Thailand, and IMTelkom Bandung, Indonesia.

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