UMY wides the cooperation in Europe.

September 16, 2017 by : Admin

Sept 16 2017, by Scha

Sept 16 – UMY’s influence is not limited to universities in the Asia continent but widespread the continent of Europe as well. It is evident that UMY is truly very efficient to prove the slogan “Young & Global” triggered every successful achievement. On 11th to 13th July 2017, Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah  Yogyakarta, Dr. Gunawan Budiyanto, MP. re-signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  with several universities in the United Kingdom, including Bradford University, De Montfort University, and Coventry University. Additionally, on the next day, UMY Rector visits Oxford University, the University of Westminster and Harper Adams University, which has become UMY’s partner university and has performed academic activities with UMY in the last two years.

Head of International Affairs Office UMY,  Yordan Gunawan, S.H., Int. MBA, who also accompanied the departure of UMY Rector to the UK, said that this program is an initiation of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah. This program also involves a number of Rector and Head of KUI Muhammadiyah Universities in Indonesia and led directly by the Chairman of the Assembly DIKTI PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Lincolin Arsyad. Yordan also asserted that the nearest activities that can be done by UMY and partner universities are student and lecturer exchange. “In accordance with the instructions of the Rector, of course, all the Study Programs, as core units in the UMY environment are expected to respond quickly to the agreement made by UMY and partner universities”, said this lecturer of Faculty of Law UMY.

Meanwhile, in his presentation at De Montfort University and Harper Adams University, Tony K. Hariadi, representing the DIKTI Assembly of PP Muhammadiyah, mentioned that there are many possible schemes of cooperation possible. Ranging from joint research and publications to double-degree titles. Lecturer of Electrical Engineering of UMY also mentioned that with this activity, it is expected that all PTM can learn from each other and accelerate in internationalization in their respective universities.