KKN International September 2018

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KKN Internasional with Singapore Polytechnic September 2018


In the fifth year of conducting KKN Internasional with Singapore Polytechnic, this September, students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta re given the opportunity to participate an enhanced experience of KKN Internasional. With scholarship funded by Temasek Foundation Internasional, this coming KKN Internasional will begin with a 3-weeks leadership and professionalism training organized by Singapore Polytechnic through Singapore Polytechnic Internasional. The Temasek Foundation International Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TFI SCALE) will gather students from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. After the 3-weeks program ends, students from each country and their Singapore Polytechnic tandems will continue a joint-community service program in their home country for 2 weeks period programme

TFI SCALE – Aspire to Lead, Lead to Inspire | 2 – 22 Sept (in Singapore)

The first part of the programme, themed “Aspire to Lead, Lead to Inspire” will take place in Singapore over a period of three weeks. The 3-week programme aims to:

  1. introduce Singapore, its challenges and how it leads as a nation without natural resources
  2. deepen awareness on leadership in self and on leading others
  3. hone creativity through Design Thinking knowledge and skills
  4. connect student leader and industries within the communities in Asia

KKN Internasional – OSIP | 22 Sept – 3 Oct (in Yogyakarta)

The second part of the programme stems from the Overseas Social Innovation Project, a Year 2-module in Singapore Polytechnic. Students from UMY and SP will participate in OSIP with the objectives to:

  1. Apply the Design Thinking process and tools for empathy studies and innovation on issues faced local communities
  2. Demonstrate empathy and have a deep understanding of the issues faced by communities
  3. Make a positive difference to the local community

What are covered?

  1. A return airfare on economy class (Indonesia – Singapore – Indonesia;
  2. Accommodation in Singapore;
  3. Meals and ground transport in Singapore;
  4. Accommodation on Homestay Day (village) in Indonesia;
  5. Meals and ground transport on Homestay Day (village) in Indonesia.

Timeline & Schedule




Open Recruitment: 19 Mei – 2 Juni 2018


  1. UMY Students
  2. Able to communicate clearly in English
  3. A good team player
  4. Demonstrate leadership skill
  5. Students who were enrolled in 2015 and 2016 (angkatan. 2015 dan 2016)


  1.  Application Form
  2.  CV
  3.  Academic Transcript
  4.  3×4 photo
  5.  Copy of passport (optional but highly suggested)

All students keen to participate have to register online at this link and upload the required document and then submit all hard files to LP3M.