November 22 2017 , By : Farindira Vesti

Today in the AUP Association of University of Asia Pacific) 3rd Student English Speech Competition (SEPC) held by Siam University, Bangkok Thailand . This event start from 22th November –  25th November 2017 . There are 59 contestants from all over Asia Pacific countries for instance  Taiwan,Thailand,India, Philippines, Malaysia,Cyprus and Indonesia as well.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta ( UMY) sent 2 delegates , there are Hana Nur Afifah Yugar (IPOLS student) took  “sexual harassment”  topic and Emir Gemilang Jayaringga (Medical studies student ) choose Nasi Padang as topic to bring during this competition.  In addition , they are also accompanied with dr Farindira Vesti R as tutor.

Since today is first day of  event, so they are going to enter 1st round with their selected topic and only 10 candidates will be chosen at first stage with excellent  speech, then  for the final round the judges will choose 3 winners . Moreover, the judges are came from people around the globe for example USA,UK, Thailand, and Philippines with specific expertise.

This competition opened by Dr. Ponchai Hongkhorvanit, President of Siam University. During his speech, he explained ” the AUAP organized a  yearly Student English Competition and this is open to undergraduate students nominated  by member institution and high schools. This year, Siam University in Thailand  will be the host and organizer. The AUAP is giving an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of people and also build a high personal confident level. ” He continued, ” In 2017 we want more competitive but in the same time we want to each other closer. By that , as organizer we selected a topic ” Cross-Culture Dialogues and Sustainable Development Goals.”

Furthermore , a part of this event, Siam University will also organize a Youth camp to be held from  November 24-25, 2017.  In order allow the contestant to explore and experiences inter-cultural activities between student from various different countries. Good luck to our team and may the force be with them.